Tuesday, 21 February 2012

The Cast of Characters

Jack Fate Bob Dylan
A once-legendary musician and the wayward son of the
American President, currently residing in the county lock-up. World-weary
and resigned, Fate's best days seem to be behind him but he believes he may
still have "a few songs" left in him.

Uncle Sweetheart John Goodman
Jack Fate's former manager, a man of
questionable scruples who is in debt to mysterious creditors. Part P.T.
Barnum, part Col. Parker and perhaps a dash of Dylan's former manager,
Albert Grossman, Sweetheart springs Fate from prison to headline a concert
to benefit victims of a civil war.

Nina Veronica  Jessica Lange
A cynical, ruthless, fast-talking,
chain-smoking concert promoter. She is the uneasy liaison between Uncle
Sweetheart and the government-run television executives who will broadcast
the concert live.

Bobby Cupid  Luke Wilson
Fate's friend, fan and former-roadie; working as
a bartender when the movie begins, he drops everything to re-join Fate at
the benefit concert when he learns of his hero's release from prison
Pagan Lace Penelope Cruz
The girlfriend of Tom Friend, a
superstitious-religious fanatic who performs elaborate rituals in an attempt
to protect herself and her lover from the too-rough fingers of the world.
Tom Friend  Jeff Bridges
A veteran journalist assigned to cover the
benefit concert; having abandoned his youthful idealism long ago, Friend no
longer believes that writing can change anything.

Other Cast Members

Cheech marin
Oscar Vogel
 Ed Harris
 Steven Bauer

 Fred Ward
 Angela Bassett
Crew Guy #1
Christian Slater

Mickey Rourke
The Editor
Bruce Dern
The Soldier
Giovanni Ribisi

Crew Guy#2
Chris Pen
Animal Wrangler
Val Kilmer

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