Tuesday, 21 February 2012

A Simple Twist of Fate

A Simple Twist of Fate
The words of Jack Fate

"Yeah I dream, in my dreams I'm walking through fire with intense heat.
but I don't pay any attention to my dreams"

"Some of us pursue perfection and virtue and, if we're lucky, we catch up to it.
But happiness can't be pursued. It either comes to you or it don't."

"The sacred is in the ordinary."

"Expect the worst and you'll get it."

"All of us in some way are trying to kill time. When it's all said and done, time ends up killing us."

"Sometimes it's not enough to know what things mean. Sometimes we have to
know what things don't mean as well."

"The way we look at the world is the way we really are. See it from a fair
garden and everything looks cheerful. Climb to a higher plateau and you'll
see plunder and murder."

masked and anonymous

  1. "Keeping people from being free is big business."
    - Prison Guard
  2. "As long as I keep talking, I know I'm still alive."
    - Uncle Sweetheart
  3. "Does Jesus have to walk on water twice to make a point?"
    - Uncle Sweetheart
  4. "I do not belong to any political party, sir. I guess you could call me a feminist."
    - The Desk Clerk
  5. "I avoid looking at human beings. They disgust me so much with their atom bombs and blow dryers and automobiles. They build hospitals and shrines to the diseases they create. Human beings are alone with their secrets. Masked and anonymous. No one truly knows them."
     - The Animal Wrangler -
  6. "Pilgrims - they didn't need any stinking passports, did they?"
    - Tom Friend
  7. "When inferior people want to revolt, they do. When they become equal, they want to be superior."
    - The Vice President
  8. "I like his songs because they are not precise. They are completely open to interpretation."
    - Pagan Lace
  9. "Good times don't last that long"
    - Tom Friend
  10. "Tragic? What do you know about tragic? Almost every period in history has been tragic"
    - Tom Friend
  11. The more you know the more you'll suffer
    - Bobby Cupid 
  12. "You're exhausting your emotional repertoire. If all of us are hanging by a thread we ain't got  a chance anyways"
     - Uncle Sweatheart
  13. "Signs and speech are in every conceivable language, every alphabet"
     - The Screenplay Scene Synopsis
  14. "Walks to a once grand, now dilapidated hotel. 'The Whitman'
    - The Screenplay Scene Synopsis
  15. "The only power the government has is to crack down on criminals. When there aren't enough criminals you make them. you make so many things a crime that it becomes impossible to live without breaking laws.
     - Radio Preacher
  16. "Life is like riding in a taxi. Even when your not going anywhere the meter is ticking
    - Radio Preacher
  17. "We live in fear. we're afraid cos we know we're going to die"
     - Animal Wrangler
  18. "The only way we can protect ourselves is by going mad"
     - Uncle Sweetheart

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